Open vs. Closed Storage in Kitchen Design

As our lifestyles evolve, interior living spaces change to suit our needs. Kitchen design has adapted and evolved to fit modern, open plan living more than any other space in the home. As closed-off rooms have become open family areas, should your kitchen storage reflect that? It really is a personal preference as there are pros and cons to both types of storage.

Open storage

Replacing upper cabinets with open shelving is a very popular trend in kitchen design. It is not for the disorganized though, as it forces you to scale back and limit what you display! What are the pros and cons of including open storage like floating shelves in your kitchen design?


1. Perfect for regularly used dishes, glasses and ingredients so they’re easily accessed and won’t get dusty. This handy backsplash shelf adds flair to aob 官网 .

2.Cheaper to install due to fewer materials than cabinets.

3. Good for smaller kitchen designs as they take up less wall space, add depth to your smaller space, and introduce light.

4. Their minimalist look can work with any kitchen design.

5. Ideal for items you want to display.

6. Open storage can be integrated with your kitchen cabinets to blend in or can be included as floating shelves in a range of materials to create a standalone design feature, like these reclaimed Bucks County wood shelves.


1. Everything on your shelves need to be visually appealing and arranged well, so they don’t overwhelm your design.

2.重要的是要保持你的货架和反面tents free of dust and cooking residue, so regular cleaning is a must.

Closed storage

Kitchen cabinets let you store as much as you like but can take up more space as a result. Here are some of the pros and cons of closed storage for a kitchen design.


1. You can choose between a minimalist or intricate look to suit your style.

2.Inside can be cluttered because you can close cabinet doors to cover all for a calm kitchen design. This kitchen design in Yardley embraces grey tones and textures for a calm and welcoming space.

3. Items are protected from grime and dust when inside a cabinet.


1. Depending on the size and shape, cabinets are usually more expensive than finishing a wall and adding open shelving.

2.Unless your kitchen is large enough to take floor to ceiling cabinetry, they can swallow up space.

3. The only way to display items with kitchen cabinets is in well- lit glass fronted cabinets.

Often, the best solution is a mix of storage options, depending on your needs, style and space. Placing upper cabinets at a higher position means you can store less-used items while opening up your design. You could also swap one cabinet for open shelving to combine display areas and sleek door fronts. This Lang’s kitchen mixes white wood and glass doors with open storage for a clean but warm style.

Eliminating precious cabinet storage for shelving is a big step, but if you have adequate storage it can really give your kitchen the wow factor, especially when you mix and match cabinets with open shelving.

Your kitchen design expert will work with you to find the best look for your remodel. Look at our impressiveob 官网 for further inspiration and contact us today to shake up your storage in your next kitchen remodel.Contact us todayto get started!